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ANOTHER DRYER VENT HORROR STORY I know most people forget about dryer vent maintenance until there is a problem. Have a look at what I found today at a clients home. Here were the symptoms: 1) dryer takes forever to dry clothes (costs you money due to longer dry times) 2) water is ponding at vent connection in laundry room 3) lint observed in laundry room on baseboards So, first I found there were too many 90 degree turns in the dryer hose. Removed all but 1 that turns the flex up into the vent. Next, cleaned the dryer vent and found water standing in the vent hose and wet lint in the first 4 feet of vertical vent. Finally, went up on the roof and found the roof vent termination 100% blocked!! What a fire hazard. I removed the screen, which by the way is supposed to be done when used as a dryer vent. Now dryer runs like brand new! Waiting to hear from my client on results, but sure we have solved their issues. Venting through the roof poses some challenges in that it requires pressure to push that warm moist air up and out. This is why cleaning is so important. The screen at the vent basically chokes out any way of venting the dryer. If I can help you make your dryer work better, please call me and I will get a cleaning scheduled! Premier Construction Solutions 817-262-0892

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