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"Should I Buy The House ?"

I am often asked by clients if they "should buy the house" I am inspecting for them.

Unfortunately, by Texas law, I cannot advise one way or the other. However, when you read the report, treat it like Consumers Digest.

The house has told me a story in a "foreign" language and you need an interpreter to understand it. That’s my job. That’s where my years of understanding this language comes into play.

While I can 't tell you one way or another, as an intelligent client, you can now read what the house is saying and decide if you want to take on the house and the deficiencies that may come along with the home ownership.

Speaking of "deficiencies", let me state there is a wide spectrum of them, some are simple while others are life safety matters. Take these all into consideration when buying a home. Remember, all things can be fixed! Just decide if the house is worth those repairs to you and if the market will support it.

I have had clients who walked away from a house because of my report, but call me back to inspect their next home. I am amazed at the difference of the second home. My clients listened and knew what to look for when they went looking again. One of my favorite jobs is educating clients about homes.

Finally, as hard as it is, don’t get emotionally attached to home until AFTER the report. Inspectors hate to bust bubbles, but our task is to inform our clients of the condition of the house to help you make a wise and informed purchase. We simply report the facts.

Happy house hunting!

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