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Finally, after an unusual winter for Texas, we made it to spring 2015! However, with spring also comes storm season. Here are some things to help you and your home be prepared:

  • Do you have a meeting place in the home in an event of violent weather or tornado? If not, sit down with your kids and spouse to determine where that place is, then practice getting there. Storms come in the night as well, so being prepared is critical.

  • Do you have several flashlights with GOOD batteries in case the power goes out?

  • Do you know how to get out of the garage if the power is out? That red cord hanging from the garage door allows you to release the door from the track, so that you can manually raise the door to get out.

  • Trim trees off your house and roof. Your roof can be damage with limbs dragging or hitting the surface.

  • Empty your gutters and downspouts to make sure they are clean and clear for water to drain.

  • Placing surge protectors on those high dollar audio and video components can save having to replace them after power surges.

  • Get a weather app for your phone so you can track storms even when the power goes out.

  • Remember, even if the power goes out at your home, you do have charging abilities in your car/truck!

  • Keep heavy plastic on hand in case a window gets knocked out by hail.

  • Know where your shoes are in the event you have to get out and have to walk through glass.

These items may sound trivial, but having been through several storms now, I wished I had some of these items in place. Be safe and enjoy the spring time beauty.

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