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Texas "Winter"

As you know we are fast approaching our Texas "winter". We never know what may come when those fronts drop down from the north. To help you get ready, here are some tips to weather the season:

  • Check weather-stripping on all doors and windows for proper seal materials, especially those facing the North or South. Replacements can be purchased at your local hardware store. Keeping that drafty air out will put money in your pocket!

  • Fireplaces - while these luxuries are great for warming your home, there are some things to consider. Make sure the flue is clean. If you look up inside and see soot build-up, it's time to call the chimney sweep. This will help reduce the chance of a flue fire.

  • Dryer vents - now that your attic is cooler, the warm moist air will condense on the inside of your dryer vent and collect lint. This creates a fire hazard and slows drying time, thus costing you money.

  • Faucet covers - these are cheap insurance policies when installed correctly. Make sure all outdoor faucets are covered.

  • Water Lines- on outside walls where lavatories or toilets are present, leave cabinet doors open during those colder nights to allow the house heat to keep lines from freezing.

  • Sidewalks and driveway- keep kitty litter around to sprinkle on icy concrete to help with slip and falls. Don’t use salt as this kills the grass and is bad for concrete.

Keep these tips posted somewhere you will see it and be reminded. Stay warm and enjoy the Reason for the Season.

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